Seiwa Business is a Workplace solution company that helps customers manage their businesses.

We identify and explore customers' issues to propose Workplace solutions and help resolve problems.

Workplace Solutions

We understand that the essence of workplace solutions lies in creating workplaces that contribute to customers' business management.
We will create workplaces by viewing a project from two major frameworks, specifically planning and construction.

  • Workplace diagnosis
  • Workplace strategy
  • Workplace planning
  • Workplace design
  • Construction management

Workplace Construction

In constructing the workplace environment, it is vital to consider convenience in maintenance after construction or introduction.
We offer a one-stop service to free our customers from the hassle of finding and choosing service providers.
We are also able to provide after-sales support.

  • Furniture and fittings sales
  • Interior and equipment work
  • IT and infrastructure work

Workplace Project Management

Regarding the workplace as part of the key management resources, we offer a project management service that contributes to business management.

  • Project management

Logistical Solutions

We support the construction of logistics centers under the mottos of "selectability," "swiftness," and "reliable support."
We offer a one-stop service covering all processes from project planning together with customers to final construction and assessment.

  • Logistics center construction

Healthcare Solutions

We transform medical facilities into a comfortable environment for all, improving both patient satisfaction and workplace efficiency.

  • Medical facility remodeling

Mail-Order Office Supplies and Equipment Sales

Through mail order, we supply offer workplace items ranging from stationery to furniture.

  • ASKUL agent service