Message from the Company's Representatives

As a company that provides value to "places where people gather," Seiwa Business aims to develop and improve the value of our customers. We continue to extract problems from the viewpoint of working environments such as "offices", "schools", "hospitals", "research facilities" and "distribution centers", based on a business that proposes improvements, and we also have newly developed as an agent business of office supplies mail order "ASKUL" supporting "optimal purchasing".

Currently, the business is in a rapidly changing environment with no clear way to respond, and people's "way of working" is also urgently required to change. While many companies are beginning new efforts on the themes of "productivity", "innovation" and "sound financial structure", through our internal and external activities we are working on "health and productivity management" to develop solutions to pursue possibilities and find new added value.

We view "places where people gather" from the viewpoint of the customer's management strategy, design the optimum working environment and way of working, and propose "purchasing solutions" to achieve an "optimum purchasing" model.
We wish to contribute to improving our customer's value through such proposals and be a company that is trusted and chosen widely by society with the aim of being "a company that people trust", with a mission to "create a society with dreams".

We look forward to continuing to do business with all our partners.

September 2019
Kouji Katsumoto,
President and Representative Director