Corporate Vision

Designing emotion and joy
“Creating new space and more time in places where people gather”

Bringing together all wisdom, designing new ways of working in places where people gather, and creating space and time.

“Building a society with dreams”

Wishing for the happiness of everyone involved in Seiwa Business and realizing a sustainable society and a bright future where people can actively engage in various activities.

“A company that is trusted”

Being a company that is widely trusted and chosen by society, as well as customers and employees, through the creation of a society where workers are happy and have dreams.

Action Guidelines

To share emotion and joy with our customers and work colleagues:

  1. 1We take pride as professionals to always challenge and continue to create new ideas and unique inspiration.
  2. 2We will build equal relationships with our partners and demonstrate our comprehensive strengths to provide total solutions.
  3. 3We respect individuality and diversity to realize growth and happiness for our employees.
  4. 4We act with passion and sincerity, demonstrating teamwork both inside and outside the company.
  5. 5We will innovate to solve both customer and social issues, thinking from the customer's point of view.
  6. 6We will always strive to improve and continue to provide the highest quality service.